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Advertising in Google Ads (AdWords) - Creating an account

  •  - Price: 30 €
  •  - with Discount! 20,00 €
  •  - Region / City: INTERNET
  •  - Skype: natalia22778

Creating an account in Google Ads (AdWords) for paid advertising your site.

We create an account on Google Ads to manage your site’s advertising campaign. When you create an account, an announcement of your business, product or any other service is immediately created with a link to your website. Ad text and budget, consistent with you in advance. We choose the method of advertising payment for you - “Payments by prepayment”.

After the launch of the Ads, we will teach you how to replenish the balance of your budget.

To pay for advertising via the Internet, you will need a bank card.

In the future, if you have any questions on this topic, we will always help you.

The account is created only for sites whose topic is not prohibited by the rules of advertising.

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27 Dec 2020

Selection 6. Paintings - Still lifes. Artist Natalia

Still lifes. Artist Natalia - 1. (All interesting on the site - ABCD Web Design)

We continue the publication of paintings by artist Natalia. Paintings - Still lifes. A note on the site "ABCD Web Design" - from: Alice


5 Apr 2020

Greece extended quarantine until April 27, 2020

Greece extended quarantine until April 27, 2020

Limited movement in the country. The Greek authorities extended the regime of self-isolation and restrictions on movement within the country until...


2 Feb 2020

Painting on the Bible theme. Artist Natalia

Painting on the Bible theme. Artist Natalia.

Painting on the Bible theme. Artist Natalia. I like this artist and her paintings. They are beautiful, harmonious, realistic. In the future I will...